Is your golf course meeting your environmental goals?

Golf clubs around New Zealand play host to some of our most pristine environmental spaces. It’s our role to manage and protect these for the long-term health of our native flora and fauna.

Managing a golf course, there’s no doubt you have a lot to think about. The quality of your course, how to meet the expectations of your members and guests, meeting safety demands, environmental compliance and so much more.

Golf course with trees in distance

An eco-friendly future

There are a huge number of reasons why players love golf, and one of those is the location. Playing a much-loved sport in the fresh air, surrounded by natural beauty – what’s not to love? 

Home to such important and large-scale ecologically important spaces, clubs can quickly lose control of pest plants and animals in these areas without the proper care and attention. This results in thick, unruly scrub – a hazard for trained professionals, let alone players looking for their wayward ball. 

On top of the above, clubs are often dealing with a lack of experience in this area, and inability to access or improper management of the tools, machinery and hazardous substances required to do the job.

How do we help courses around the country?

When you engage us to work on your course, the first step will be to assess your current situation and develop both short and long term strategies. We’ll ask questions, determine resources, identify species present and propose methods of controlling pests. Most importantly, you get results without expending undue time and energy.

We’ll look at how we can restore native bush areas and create green corridors that link with other natural areas. We’ll assess how we can increase the diversity of native bird and lizard species present, and how we can stabilise stream banks and exposed soils to reduce the impacts of storm events.

We’ll also develop an effective growth strategy, with the goal that your regenerated space will need minimal maintenance in a number of years.

We’re here to ensure you meet your environmental responsibilities and enjoy a long future as a sustainable course. 

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