About Us

We share your passion for the environment. It's our job to support you in protecting it.

At Applied Biosecurity Solutions, we are taking steps to improve and protect our natural environment. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients and the public to promote a healthy community for many years to come. 


We are a division of Landscape Solutions, and our story began way back in 1993. The Landscape Solutions landscape maintenance division now consists of hundreds of team members, with their work taking them all over Auckland. Applied Biosecurity Solutions was born after the need for a specialist environmental rehabilitation division was recognised. We are rich in resources and equipment and now have the passionate team necessary to help our natural spaces thrive.

The Solutions Way - it's how we carry out our work safely and efficiently.

Our work takes us to some amazing places, and also some risky ones. Safety is absolutely crucial in our line of work, and our stringent procedures apply whether we are working in a local community park or on the side of a steep cliff.
You can have confidence in our ability and procedures with the following accreditations:
  • IMPAC prequalified, with a 5-star rating
  • Chemical Application Registration, five staff members currently have a National Certificate in Agrichemical Application and another three currently undergoing the necessary training
  • Controlled substance licence held by two staff members
  • Abseiling Certification, three fully qualified team members in New Zealand Certificate in Rope Access Level 3, with three further team members nearing completion
  • Traffic management certification- Traffic Controller (TC) through to STMS Level 2/3 – Non Practicing

Meet the team

At Applied Biosecurity Solutions, we are a team of people dedicated to the protection of our natural spaces and native species. We are experienced, industry qualified professionals who work closely with our clients to implement environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions. 


We always work to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients, and ultimately, the environment. With more than 30,000 introduced plant species in New Zealand and thousands upon thousands of pest animals wreaking havoc on our natural populations, there is no time to wait when it comes to the protection of New Zealand wildlife and plant life.

Team Member Brent


Operations Manager

Brent brings to ABS over 30 years’ experience in the biosecurity industry. He possesses an extensive technical background and has developed many lasting relationships with clients and colleagues



Environmental Advisor

Stuart joins the ABS team armed with a Bachelor of Science, a Post Grad Diploma in Environmental Science and a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. He also spent 10 years working in post border biosecurity.

Team Member Michael


Team Leader -
Pest Animal Surveillance and Control

With past roles providing Michael with experience both local and abroad, his competency in controlling pest animals and plants in different environments is invaluable.

Team Member Brianna


Team Leader -
Restoration Planting Services​

Brianna is passionate about the protection of New Zealand’s natural elements, particularly in aquatic and riparian environments. Brianna has worked on crucial international biosecurity projects.

Team member Joshua


Team Leader -
Pest Plants

Joshua has worked on and coordinated a large number of pest plant and revegetation projects in the Auckland region and has been actively involved in aquatic pest plant eradication schemes.


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